15 August 2011

Taking a Vacation from Our Problems. Again.

My friend Chou and her husband came to visit this past weekend.  It's nice to drive around the countryside and eat food with friends and forget about fingerprints and raging against government bureaucracies for a few days in order to focus instead on skeletons (again).

Gravestone with excellent prone skeleton in St. Andrews.  Does that baby bump look a bit big for 17 weeks?  It looks a bit big to me.

Another impressive skeleton in St. Andrews.

I've been super keen to go see this stone in Angus for a while now.  That skeleton's so pleased to be resurrected.


Anonymous said...

I don't see no baby bump. You're going to have to take off the jacket and stand sideways. Mom

Anonymous said...

If you think the bump is big now just wait Steve was 15 lbs and 30" long when he was born.


Anonymous said...

Actually he was just short of 7 lbs and only 16".

KWBs editorial staff

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry that was 22" long

KWB (editorial staff)

MBC said...

I am standing sidewaysish and the jacket comes out to about the size of the bump. Maybe I'll take a better picture tonight.

7 lbs and 22" doesn't sound bad. The baby's in my family tend to be bigger. Oh, no!

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