16 August 2011

We All Have Our Disappointments in Life

Steve's Most Recent Disappointment:
I have absolutely put my foot down and refuse to name Baby McBaby either Bickford or Bletchley, the two names Steve currently claims to prefer.

My Most Recent Disappointment:
Vanilla extract is only available in tiny, tiny bottles in this country.  Like the size of food coloring bottles or the size I buy for almond extract.  I hadn't realized because we had a big (normal-sized) bottle from Costco.  It just ran out.  We bought a tiny bottle at the store on Saturday (after I stood in the aisle insisting to Steve that it wasn't possible that this was the normal size) and it is now half-way gone after baking one batch of zucchini bread and one pot of rice pudding.


Lady Susan said...

So, you can make your own vanilla given a large bottle of vodka (or other appropriate alcohol) and a vanilla bean. You have to let it sit and stew for a few months but in the end you get good quality vanilla. We have been contemplating doing this for kicks. Also, I would imagine it would be cheaper.

ldsjaneite said...

Bletchley? Sounds like someone throwing up. You keep your foot down on that!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Steve could be consulted but not given the last word on naming a baby. Bletchley, sounds like the name of some quaint village or something his granddad might might be after one of his famous onion sandwiches. (Dipe!!)


MBC said...

Lady Susan--Steve wants to make his own vanilla, but I'm too lazy for it just at the moment. (And we'll be moving soonish.) We'll have to try it when we get settled in North America.

ldsjaneite--That's just what I said!

KWB--I think he stole the name from Bletchley Park.

Anonymous said...

I like Bickford but it doesn't work with Yu. Working with this last name is next to impossible. At lease it is easy to spell.

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