01 August 2011

We're Going Off the Grid

Actually, we're not.  At all.  Which is a real shame, because we now have pay-as-you-go electricity, which means we can't get any deals (like our old electricity that we paid half-price for at night).  Instead, we turn on the oven and then literally watch the money disappear on the meter over our front door.  I'd be clamoring for a solar oven if we got a reliable amount of sunshine.

However, the allotment is at its peak, so Saturday we came home with so much produce that I think I can almost get us through the week without a trip to the grocery store.  We made potato and broccoli soup with our own broccoli, potatoes, and onions yesterday.  We're also eating broccoli canneloni this week and potato gnocchi and zucchini orzo and lots and lots of hash browns.  We love the hash browns.  We love the hash browns so much that I do, in fact, have to swing by Mr. Singh's and pick up some ketchup.


ldsjaneite said...

I and my pitiful sprouting-then-dying garden are quite jealous. But I was still very proud of my harvest of 3 beans and enjoyed them verily.

That electricity thing does not sound pleasant.

Lady Susan said...

I got so excited when I read the title of this post. :( What a tease you are!

I wanted to extended my belated congratulations on the forthcoming baby! Yeah!

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