28 July 2011

Things That Make Me Want to Shoot Myself in the Face

1. Filling out British tax forms.
2. Filling out immigration forms.
3. Filling out immigration forms AGAIN because last week all of the papers and instructions were changed.

I need a donut.


eliana23 said...

sounds yucky. make steve do it all.

ldsjaneite said...

You deserve a donut. Lots of them.

MBC said...

Bah. I'd love for Steve to do it, but he has to write his PhD.

Thank you. Yes, I do.

Brooke said...

wait, wait, wait - are you going to be half British now ? Holy Smokes. It's because the pound is stronger than the dollar, isn't it ?


MBC said...

No, we're going to Canada next year. They've got a pretty strong currency right now too :)

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