26 September 2011

I've Got the Joy

I woke up with the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart today, so I made a wee list of things I love before I have to speak to any government agencies and go back to wanting to punch people in the throat.

I love
  1. a kicking baby (because otherwise I worry that he's dead) 
  2. homemade bread (Steve's grandmother's recipe has changed my life) 
  3. libraries
  4. sunny days (Radio 4 promised me a week of cheery weather this morning, so I forgive them for being snotty about Americanisms entering the language) 
  5. yoga (I have a yoga pregnancy book that I check out over and over again from the library. Steve reads out the instructions while I stretch in our 2-inch big living room.) 
  6. calling customer service desks in America (because they're so friendly and don't make me hang up the phone and weep, which is what happens when I talk to people on the phone in Britain) 
  7. Skype 
  8. haircuts (even terrible haircuts; yes, I DID go back to the beauty school) 
  9. taking trips (come back cheap train fares!) 
  10. a dish-washing husband 
  11. chips and salsa 
  12. free stuff (someone just gave us a pram, which I think is so nice)


Nemesis said...

Are you going to share the life-changing bread recipe? Because I think you totally should!

Alice said...

Why have we not skyped? Maybe I could tell you info about the dating world via skype. It would be fun to see your face! And I am glad some things can make you cheery. I like cheery!

MBC said...

Nemesis--When I remember to write it down and bring it with me to the Internet, I'll send it to you.

Alice-We're not so high-tech as to have the video on Skype, but we should definitely talk!

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