23 September 2011

It's a Rubbish Day

Oh, woe.  Oh, woe.

I'm very, very, very busy feeling sorry for myself.

We're dealing with fingerprints.  Again.  And I'm mourning the 100s of pounds that have been wasted on rejected fingerprints that no one will refund.  I have to cry every single time I talk to another unhelpful agency and I'm worried that the baby's going to be brined from all the salt produced by tears.  Poor pickled baby.

On a positive note, the new series of Spooks (MI-5) just started, so now I know secrets about the characters that my sister does not.  That makes me feel better.


SCS said...

HEY! I never even get to see Spooks anymore because they moved it to 11 p.m. Sundays. I've thought about joining Netflix just so I can get my fix. So still don't tell me anything secret about them all. I never even got to see Adam get blown up. Sigh.

MBC said...

I missed one of the seasons, which I need to find and watch, but now I already know who's dead and crooked and so on. Word on the street here is that this is the last season.

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