14 October 2011

Recent Effects of Growing a Baby from Scratch

I seem to have developed occasional sciatica.  Fortunately, it disappears with the combination of these three therapies:
  1. Sleeping on the couch - I start out in our hard-feeling bed at night and then slip away to the couch after about an hour, while Steve calls out, "You're making a huge mistake!" or some other sleeptalking something or other.
  2. Practicing yoga
  3. Eating all the delicious chocolates out of the box of Thornton's Julius brought by the flat - I leave the yucky ones for the Steve.  He doesn't mind fake-tasting, chocolate-coated Turkish delight.
It's like fixing my old, tape-eating VCR.  I always performed a series of steps to eject the tapes, but I was never sure which of the steps actually worked.  When I passed it on to my sister I taught her all the steps, some of which were probably unnecessary.  

Possibly related, my thighs seem to be getting quite fat.


eliana23 said...

I'm sorry about the sciatica. Worst part of pregnancy, definitely. We have a very firm guest bed that saved my life, while traumatizing my hubs. Thorntons toffee will work better than chocolate, in my humble opinion.

MBC said...

I've only had the toffee once and it was really hard--almost inedible. I assume I had an off batch, because I've heard lots of people praise it. The Alpini bar, on the other hand, has never let me down.

Cynthia said...

Sciatica = getting to complain, indulge and demand as much as needed. It also means that dietary rules no longer apply, cleaning is done by others and foot rubs are necessary. Pass this on to the applicable persons.

Brooke said...

Hooray for all the exciting things happening! I just caught up on your blog and I smiled the whole time.
1) Congrats on the baby! So exciting. 2) You are right to reject those baby names. Sorry steve. Go you.

3) We don't get much "fall" here and just reading your blog and seeing all that awesome autumn food has given me at least a portion of the feeling I used to have. Thanks :)

MBC said...

Cynthia--Dietary rules have not been applied for pretty much this entire pregnancy, but I'm happy to have some validation for this.


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