12 October 2011


Squash are so easy to grow. There are no pests that eat them in Scotland and they require no maintenance. Sadly (VERY sadly), our butternut plants suffered from some kind of angsty malaise (they just sat on the black plastic all kind of mopey and refused to thrive), so I had to buy one at the store yesterday to make the most delicious butternut squash pie EVER for dinner last night (and breakfast this morning and possibly a wee snack when I drag myself home here in a minute).

But our spaghetti squash grew like crazy this year. We have 14 of them from our two plants. Last night we ate the first one, and it was divine.

Steve scooping out seeds before we top these babies with spaghetti sauce and gop them.

Spaghetti squash number 2 curing in the window before we eat it next week.

Now if the zucchini would just STOP producing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Zucchini the plant that never stops giving.


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