21 December 2011

Glasgow Loves Christmas

There were really inexpensive train tickets to the Continent this month and Steve and I very much wanted to take a last vacation before the baby comes, but leaving the country seemed unwise the month before my due date, so we took a mini-break to Glasgow on Monday instead.  It was divine.

We stayed in a nice hotel with a pool, because floating in water is my favorite pregnant activity.  Steve was very pleased with the hotel, because it had a TV and he got to watch The Fall Guy.  And we were both thrilled that there was heat and a comfortable bed.

Monday night we walked into town and to enjoy tasty food and Christmas lights.

Right outside the European Christmas market in St. Enoch Square.
We ate dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant, Assam's.  That peshwari naan is seriously the size of my torso.  And DELICIOUS.
George Square festived up for Christmas.
Steve and Friend.
Nativity on George Square
We would be sad, sad, sad to be back home, except that we're now in our holiday digs at Becky's flat. Hooray!


eliana23 said...

Glad you had some fun. Want some Indian food now.

Anonymous said...

Glad you two have a break from cold and mold. There are now 2 Indian restaurants in town. One we have tried 3 out of 5 stars I liked it better than my fellow diner. The other we have not tried yet. Enjoy your Christmas.


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