25 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

I love having Christmas on Sunday.  I love going to church and singing carols and being hugged and kissed by Martha.  And this year I find the Christmas story particularly touching.  Each time I hear the words "her first born son," I get a little tear in my eye as I think about my wee boy.

Being pregnant makes me feel quite vulnerable, especially since Steve and I are far away from family and dead poor this year.  I think that vulnerability, though, makes me even more touched by the incredible kindness we're being shown.  Today we received our fourth offer of a pram.  Women at church keep pulling me aside to ask what I need for the baby.  A sling?  A bath?  Dummies?  Our list of people willing to drive us to and from the hospital keeps growing and that puts a little tear in my eye as well.

This afternoon we're eating our Christmas dinner and then opening presents from my friend Moo.  We weren't expecting to have any presents this year, but Moo sent a package full of wrapped gifts for me and Steve and Baby McBaby.  Isn't that kind?

Other people's kindness makes me truly feel goodwill toward men this year.

Happy Christmas!


eliana23 said...

I'm so glad for the nice people! Have a great boxing day and soak in the goodwill.

ldsjaneite said...

Those are sweet thoughts. Found out my friend brought forth her first born son yesterday, just as my mom did many years ago. It must be an amazing feeling and experience!

Cynthia said...

Moo is the best! Congratulations!

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