12 January 2012

Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Since we moved back into our flat on Friday, I've been hearing mouse noises at night.  I told Steve about the nighttime rustling but after investigating and finding no mouse droppings and nothing chewed up and having no cases of  Hantavirus surface in the flat, he dismissed my claims.

Steve:  It's probably just the building settling.
MBC:  No, it's a rustling.  And it's something alive moving.
Steve:  It's probably Ludmila (the neighbor) walking around next door.
MBC:  No, it's not big people steps!  It's a little animal opening a package of crackers or something.
Steve:  It could be a noise from outside.
MBC:  No, it's coming from right over there.  It's a mouse or (and I actually kind of wanted this to be true) a hedgehog or something.

This morning over breakfast Steve oh so casually asked me if I'd heard any mouse movements in the night.  I did.  Three times.  He didn't comment on it, just finished breakfast and went to brush his teeth.  When he came back he announced, "We have a mouse."

MBC: Why?  What did you see?
Steve: I saw the mouse.  He was popping in and out and dancing all around while you were standing by the sink.  I thought about not telling you, but I didn't want you to freak out if you see him today.

I've never taken so little satisfaction in being right before. 

But it's probably best that Steve DID tell me, considering my reaction to Hammy's first appearance.


eliana23 said...

A hedgehog would have been better. This is not good. The dancing aspect of the mouse...well, I dobut it. Good luck.

MBC said...

One mouse down. I bought a trap yesterday and Steve disposed of the first carcase this morning. Of course, mice rarely live alone . . .

A hedgehog would be MUCH better.

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