10 February 2012


I've been having a love affair with taxis since sometime in December when Steve and I realized that it is often cheaper for the two of us to take a taxi than a bus.  For being only two weeks old, The Bairn has a lot of appointments to keep and  prefer to take him in a taxi.  Occasionally we take him on the bus, but then I have to glare at everyone (even the very elderly who are so, so kind to us when they see me or Steve with a slingful of baby) and give them The Eye to remind them to keep themselves and their bus-riding germs away from my wee boy.

Today we are spending the night at our friends' giant, heated, Interneted, TVed home while they're taking a short holiday.  I decided to haul The Bairn over to their house in a taxi, but it was a rather unsatisfactory experience.  To start with, the driver's first language was not  English so I wasn't sure what he was talking about when he asked me clarifying questions about our destination and I couldn't have helped him out much anyway, because I'd only been here once before and I came by bus, so that's probably why he pulled up at an abandoned grocery store and told me that he thought the house was just over the wall and down the hill a bit.  Huh.  See, I kind of took the taxi because you pay them to take you TO your destination.  Because I'm not good at confrontation, I just got out of the taxi and lugged my baby in his car seat around the block to the house instead of requesting that the driver actually drive to the correct address.

Regardless, we are super happy to be here watching The Office (should I be concerned that Steve most identifies with Dwight?) and eating caramel bunnies (Steve says the bunny on the package is the only other person he ever considered marrying because she is so attractive).

Poor kid spends half his life in this seat.

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Anonymous said...

Like you I prefer the taxi to take me where I want to go not just kinda where it might be. The Bairn in his carrier reminds me of Palladin's hook phrase: "Have car seat will travel".


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