13 February 2012

The Bairn and I are leaving Scotland in less than 4 weeks, so it seems like a good time to add to my list of Stuff I Really Extra Super Love (and Will Miss) in Scotland.

13.  Good drivers.  Britain has the best drivers I've ever seen.  We're flying to Utah first to visit friends and family and my head is going to explode as soon as we begin driving on I-15 with all the speeders and right-hand passers.

14.   Delicious chocolate.  Moo asked me if I wanted some bad American chocolate for Christmas.  I did, so she sent me some and truly it is terrible.

15.  Trains.  I don't like the fluctuating pricing scheme, but I love that Steve can get to work or we can run to Edinburgh for the day or friends can get from the airport to our flat via train very easily.

16.  Pay As You Go Mobile Phones.  It's brilliant. We put money on our phones and the credit never. goes. away.  They don't have to be topped up for any particular amount.  It's like the phone companies here don't hate people.  Also, incoming calls are free and Skype is available on the phone.

17.  Maternity care.  I was really impressed with my maternity care here, both before and after giving birth.  Having midwives come to the flat every day or two and then being transferred to a health visitor who also comes to the flat to see the baby seems so logical and right now that I have experienced it. 

18.  Weigh scales for cooking.  We're taking ours to Canada.

19.  No tipping.  


eliana23 said...

you are making me jealous of Scotland. sigh.

Moo said...

Those sound like great things to love.

Anonymous said...

I want to insert a colon after the word "First" in the title of this post. Few babies come into this world and immediately burn supper. But then I've heard of rice kernels in pies, and that is a slippery slope to burning supper. And the same DNA, 'n' all. You get my drift.


MBC said...

We never seak of the rice pie!

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