22 March 2012

Good-Bye, Scotland

The day before The Bairn and I left Scotland, Steve took this picture of us at our tenement, also known as The Worst Place We Will Ever Live (I Hope). You can just see me and the baby in the third window down on the far right.

Good-Bye, Mice.
Good-Bye, Mold.
Good-Bye, Cold Days without Central Heating.


Anonymous said...

Memories of where we've been and what we've done is what makes us who we are and more appreciative of what we have. May your time in Scotland always be of fond memories.

Breanne said...

It sucks that you had to be there during the hardest parts of your pregnancy. I can't imagine.

Nemesis said...

Goodnight nobody
Goodnight mush


MBC said...

Anon--We have lots of fond memories of Scotland, but I'm still hoping never to live in such a dank flat again.

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