26 March 2012

Scone Palace

My last week in Scotland, our friend Sue Anne came to visit. She is a brave soul for agreeing to sleep on our couch after mouse habitation had been verified in that room AND with the full knowledge that the couch is entirely uncomfortable to sleep on if one is not heavily pregnant. We love having her visit, though, as she is wonderful company and brings us delicious foods from Germany. One day the four of us visited Scone (pronounced Scoon) Palace.

The palace was closed but we walked around the grounds.

Scone Palace was the original home of the Stone of Destiny, which was part of coronation ceremonies for Scottish kings.

This is a replica of the Stone of Destiny (homely looking, eh?).  The original stone is now in Edinburgh.  Unless you believe the people who claim the real stone was hidden to keep it out of Edinburgh Castle.

Peacocks roam the grounds, particularly in the cemetery.

I love this fat little man.

This is a maze on the grounds.  We enjoyed navigating through it even though the foliage was dead.

The Bairn and I shared the backseat on the way there and back.

Sometimes The Bairn is dismayed at the goings on out the window.

*We're currently on the road to Canada.  Pictures next week!

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Anonymous said...

Ahh! Scone Palace one of the places we didn't make it to on annual visits, someday maybe, when we return with the Bairn. And Sue Anne is the best kind of friend have.


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