22 April 2012

For the Grandparents

The Bairn
  • will be 3 months old this week.
  • has cradle cap.
  • loves our ceiling fans.  I got to finish my book last week by setting him on the bed under the fan and turning it on.  It blew his mind.  And occupied him for 20 minutes until I decided that it wasn't good for him to stare so intently any more and took him away.

  • He spends a lot of time staring at the fan while kicking his feet in excitement.

  • is fascinated by his own feet.  He is too darling in the tub when he kicks and kicks and kicks (with a very earnest look) and then slowly raises one foot out of the water and then the other.
  • laughs when I pretend to eat him up.
  • sucks his fingers (sometimes one and sometimes two).

  • This was a one finger day.

  • enjoys taking trips.
  • can now grab items and put them in his mouth/on his face.
  • is darling.

Steve's mom's cousin's wife gave The Bairn this little
 Sunday outfit (it also has a velcro tie).

It's a bit big, but he likes it.


Anonymous said...

He's sooooooo cute. Thanks very much for Howard fix, we needed it.

Grammie and Papa

Anonymous said...

Such a sweetie! I especially love the big smile in the last picture. Mom

eliana23 said...

The feet! Endless entertainment.

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