20 April 2012

Welcome to the Neighbo(u)rhood

Who loves the Welcome Wagon?

I do!  I do!

I called and requested a visit from the Welcome Wagon, because there are few things I like more than free refrigerator magnets. Really though, a business gives me a little gift and I do in fact feel a little surge of love for them.

We actually received a number of useful gifts--free meals at 4 or 5 establishments, a pair of work gloves, cloth grocery bags and a gift certificate to a certain (perhaps evil) big box store.  I've already nursed The Bairn in the parking lot of that big box store 3 times now, because, while certainly not my favorite place, it is the kind of store that's awfully useful for picking up toilet brushes and garbage can liners and the like when setting up a new household, so I'm happy to take their present.

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