03 April 2012

Movin' On Up

Good Stuff Going On:

  1. The Bairn was a most cooperative traveler through our five days of driving from Tennessee to Nova Scotia.  He spent most of his car time sleeping and growing more adorable.
  2. We crossed the border with zero problems.  Everyone was friendly and we just had to stop for a moment to file the paperwork we brought with us.
  3. We love our apartment.  It has new appliances, new floors, and new paint.  The windows are big and we get lots of light, especially in the evening.  The bedroom balcony doors look out over countryside and we don't have any neighbors above us or on either side of the bedroom.  Fingers crossed that we will not have a repeat of the jerkface situation.
  4. We got a shipment of our stuff yesterday.  It's been in storage at Steve's parents' house in Alberta.  We were especially thrilled to have Steve's comfortable, comfortable bed (purchased when he was a bachelor with too much money on his hands), but there were also boxes and boxes of our kitchen things, including wedding presents that we didn't take to Scotland.  With every box, we were exclaiming, "Hey, a pasta maker!" and, "A blender!  I have a blender!"  We'd both forgotten about a number of items we owned.
  5. When we stopped to see my brother on the way to Canada, he gave us a couple of swaddlers for The Bairn.  This has resulted in increased sleep for everyone in the family.  I can now get the baby back to sleep at night (WITH a milky snack AND a diaper change) in about 20 minutes, down from the hour it was taking before the introduction of this fabric miracle.
  6. The Bairn also got a bouncy seat from my brother.  He's sleeping in it now, which is FANtastic, because The Bairn generally prefers to nap during the day directly on top of me, where he can burrow his face into my neck, scratch me with his razor sharp nails, and prevent me from accomplishing anything other than snuggling him.
Ahhh, life is improving.


eliana23 said...

These are fantastic steps! You sound revitalized and I am thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Glad everything looking up. We thought you would enjoy Christmas in April as we packed things for you. Enjoy your new home. Cuddling the bairn is your most important job right now.


Theresa said...

Pictures! Photos! Visualisations! :) (and I'll post a few from our new apartment in return! Can't wait to be back there!)

MBC said...

Will see what I can do about photos, Theresa!

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