10 April 2012

Steve has found his people.

Steve came home from work full of joy last week with three big bags of a mysterious substance.  He has discovered,

wait for it,

the Mushroom Club!

We have a year's worth of mushroom spawn working away in our bedroom closet and an invitation to tour the province's largest button mushroom farm.  Steve is so thrilled.

Steve warned me not to be distressed that everyone in the club (except the 12-year-old) is his height and has a beard. 



eliana23 said...

you are a very nice wife

Moo said...

Why was Steve so happy? Just what kind of mushrooms did he bring home?

Anonymous said...

Didn't he have enough of mold in Scotland? At least you can eat this type. Your patience is amazing.


MBC said...

I like mushrooms too! We tried to grow them last year and failed, so I'm rooting for this batch.

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