15 April 2012

Why We're Married

I saw a set of tiny Jell-o molds in the Salvation Army last week and thought to myself, "Oh, yeeeeah."  I showed them to Steve and he agreed that our life could not be anything but massively improved with the potential to make darling little jiggly treats for ourselves.  We snatched them up, naturally.

Yesterday Steve made his grandmother's famous jellied salad (and, no, she has no connection at all to Utah).  Steve rightly noted that a less textured jellied product would show off the beauty of the molds better, but I still feel like the joyometer in our house went up a tiny bit when we unmolded these babies. Woo woo $1 bargains!

1 comment:

CSIowa said...

Very nice! Hurrah for jello molds and spontaneous delight! My mother-in-law makes a gelatin salad out of gelatin and fruit juice--no Jell-o for her! She's right, though. It's quite tasty.

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