11 May 2012

Christmas 2012, Part 2

Our shipment of belongings from Scotland arrived in Nova Scotia last night.  If you ignore the fact that it took about a month longer than promised to get here, it was actually very good timing because we already had to go to Halifax for an immigration medical today (why, no, the paperwork/money frittering/bureacracy never ends with immigration), so we just picked up our boxes on the way home.  We're having the same happy, Hey look, it's our stuff! experience that we had when our first shipment of belongings reached us.

These are the things I have missed most and am happiest to have back:
  1. Our toothbrush holder (no, really)
  2. My yoga mat
  3. The yogurt maker
  4. Our cookbooks
  5. The pressure canner
  6. All of The Bairns things.  I'd forgotten about some of the gifts he received, including a big bag of socks that I was thrilled to discover as I have a terrible time keep track of his bitty socks.  Steve found one in the neighbor's yard where it had dropped off The Bairn's foot on a stroll to the grocery store last week, and people are always very concerned to see the  baby out and about with mismatching socks.  They ask if it's a fashion statement.  It's not.  It's just sloppy parenting.  I never know where his socks are.


Anonymous said...

Barin socks are always a problem. My solution is to buy only one color of sock. This works well for shirts and slacks too.

KWB (Mr. Monochrome)

MBC said...

That's our strategy for Steve's socks too.

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