07 May 2012

The Baddies

My only real complaint about our new apartment is the smoke.  Our neighbors smoke and the building's ventilation system sends that smoke right into our bathroom every evening.  Somehow, this does not bother Steve, but it drives me mental and leads to conversations with Steve in which I cannot help but whine and pinch him in an effort to convert him to my side on this issue.  My side being a determination to punish the neighbors for their attempts at poisoning my baby.  I try to extract promises from Steve that he will go break our neighbors' wrists or at least force them into a smoking cessation program, but he will not even help me rig up a system that would send the smells of our diaper pail back through the system to their apartments.  He is not a team player when it comes to ending the second hand smoking in our apartment.  Not. a team player.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are smoking in their bathroom to cover the smell of your diaper pail. I doubt it though. They are smokers and that is what smokers do, let their presents be known, somewhat like skunks. At least they don't party all night, yet.


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