06 May 2012

The Wee Churchman

The Bairn has a serious fan club at church. Everyone loves him. Sometimes it's great for both of us, like today when I was taking him to the back of the meeting to rock him and a grandmother took him away and did the rocking for me.  And sometimes it's a bit of a burden, also like today when a teenage girl desperately in love with him kept offering her babysitting services while I made vague statements about how we don't really leave him with anyone yetIt's a real mixed blessing. 

I'm back working with the children at church and at the end of their meetings today, they mobbed The Bairn, patting him and tickling him and asking me about him.  Little boys of a certain age are very intent on making him laugh.  Last week an 8-year-old boy stood in front of him for a good 15 minutes doing his best impression of Santa Claus for The Bairn after I revealed that the phrase, Ho ho ho, has been known to make him chuckle.  Today a 7-year-old boy pulled faces and tickled The Bairn's feet until finally turning to me and saying in a resigned but hopeful voice, I know no one is allowed to carry him.  I agreed that none of the children may carry him, not even the older one who told me he'd like to put The Bairn in his pocket, a sentiment I fully understand.
How could you NOT want to put this in your pocket and take it home with you?
Hey look, there was an exersaucer at a yard sale yesterday for FIVE dollars!


Anonymous said...

Could life get any better than an exersaucer.


eliana23 said...

He's so fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Sure love that cute smile! Mom

Anonymous said...

he's getting more animated! Also, like his little pate. JWCNJ

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