03 May 2012

Bah Humbug

  1. We took The Bairn to the after hours clinic last night for weird spots on his leg.  The Internets informed me that it could be something that leads to Meningitis.  The provincial health helpline told me nothing specific about what it could be but advised me to have him seen right away.  The doctor at the clinic didn't seem too concerned about it.  Maybe she doesn't read the Internet.
  2. Amazon does not sell MP3 downloads in Canada.  Although we have been friends all these years, this makes me feel like we're going to have to break up, because they are holding my baby white noise hostage.  Don't they know I'm American?!  I should have downloaded the MP3 before we crossed the border.
  3. I had to order more diaper covers and it took me FOREVER to find somewhere in Canada that sells the cheap kind.  The company didn't read my instructions and sent the package to Tennessee instead of Nova Scotia.
  4. I itch.


eliana23 said...

I feel like Canada may be less perfect than Scotland. Blech.

MBC said...

Yeah, nowhere wants to ship to Canada and stores like Amazon and eBay that work just the same in the US and UK have fewer products and higher prices in Canada. There are definitely benefits to living in Canada (like not being across the Atlantic from our families) but there's lots of rubbishy stuff too.

Anonymous said...

I can help, but only with no. 4. Scratch.

Love, MarmDad

MBC said...

I would rather be indignant than find relief.

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