02 May 2012

Parenting Q&A: Breastfeeding

On Wednesdays I give you Parenting Q&A.

I will first answer a question and then ask a question.  Simple.

Q: What do you find most difficult about being a first-time parent?
A: Resisting the urge to kiss The Bairn's face right off, as he is extra adorable.  Also, sleep deprivation.

Q: For those of you who breastfeed/breastfed, do/did you use a breast pump?  If not, did you still manage to leave your baby with sitters?  How? 

The Bairn eats about every 2 hours which makes it tricky to leave him with anyone (especially combined with my great fear that anyone who is not me will not love him/understand him/be extra super careful about not dropping him on the pavement).  Steve wants to take me to the theater for my birthday next month and I just can't figure out how to leave The Bairn for that length of time.  When he decides he's waited long enough to eat, his cries turn from a friendly, Hey, you!  With the milk.  Why don't you gimme a little bit of the good stuff? to screaming down the house (as he demonstrated at the parent resource center yesterday).

Any and all advice welcome.


eliana23 said...

I never did well with a breast pump. Baby will eat less frequently in the near future and you can probably stretch him to 4 hours. With kid 2, I got him on formula just for the random times I would be gone. But good luck.

MBC said...

Yeah, he can, if he feels like it, go for 3-4 hours without eating but he's super windy/refluxy so he does best on a 2-hourish schedule. Here's hoping he'll manage longer without issues by my birthday.

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