01 May 2012

Living Like Humans

We've been sitting on lawn chairs for the last month, but Saturday we finally found furniture that meets our exacting standards (exacting standards=inexpensive).

Here is The Bairn enjoying our new chair.  He's recently been quite offended when I suggest to him that he sit in his baby chair, which is a real shame because he used to love it.  I did too, since it allowed me to actually do things like cook and clean without carrying him around with me.  Now he likes to sit up straighter than the baby chair allows.  I kind of wish we had a Bumbo chair or an exersaucer or something for him, but, if the prices are any indication, the people selling them second hand seem to believe that they're gold-plated.  He enjoys being propped up on our new furniture (with a friend), though.

The camera battery died after just a few photos, so imagine a loveseat and a couch exactly like this chair and you'll have a perfect mental image of our living room furniture.

Isn't that a great baby?  I think he was practicing smacking his lips, which is his new favorite game.

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