26 June 2012

Family Portrait in Ballpoint Pen

The little girl with the dead chicken, E, drew this picture for me today while her mom was in the hospital having a baby.  I'm the big one (obviously), the smallest person is The Bairn (whose name E pronounces with a P at the beginning "The Pairn"), and the middle-sized person is my "kid Sally."  When I noted that I only have one child, the artist informed me that I would be happier if I also had a kid.  Named Sally.  She was finding The Bairn less than satisfactory this morning when he had to turn down the meal she prepared for him of bread smashed into a milk carton lid and then had the gall to refuse to walk around and play with her.

I hope this family stays in Nova Scotia so that the new baby boy born this morning can be friends with The Pairn.

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