27 June 2012

For the Grandparents: June

The Bairn

  • turned 5 months old yesterday
  • loves the song 'I Asked the Witch Doctor'
  • blows raspberries while taking walks
what I see when I glance over at the playpen during yoga

  • is very interested in the broom
  • likes to sit at the table on my lap while we eat
  • still wakes up all night long (only 4 times last night!)
let's go!

  • always wants to stick his fingers in my mouth while I sing and pat me on the face if I'm rocking him (one night Steve went to pick him up and The Bairn patted Daddy's face, felt the beard, and let out a mighty shriek)
  • loves books and tries to scratch and pick up the pictures
  • is adorable
so sleepy running errands with his mama

but still manages to say, 'hi'


eliana23 said...

He is insanely cute, though maybe less so during the 4th wakeup of the night.

MBC said...

Only 3 wakeups last night! And even 4 is way down from what he was doing a few weeks ago.

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