28 June 2012

Homemade Nutella Made at Our Home

Did you notice when homemade nutella made the rounds on Pinterest?  Steve did, so we made some.  Here's how the division of labo(u)r went down:

Steve: Purchase hazelnuts and chocolate chips at the bulk store.
MBC: Advise against buying quite so many hazelnuts.
Steve: Slave away at boring post-doc to pay for ingredients.
MBC: Munch on chocolate chips while Steve is at work (they are very good with a handful of almonds), causing Steve to panic that there will not be enough chocolate for nutella.  This is silly.  There's plenty of chocolate for nutella, just not quite enough hazelnuts.
Steve: Adjust recipe to account for hazelnut shortage.
MBC: Measure out chocolate chips.  When scale goes over weight, eat off excess.
Steve: Threaten to hide all future chocolate supplies.
MBC: Bathe baby (who gets no nutella, although he screamed and grabbed long enough the next day that I gave him some banana) and put to bed.
Steve: Roast hazelnuts.  Grind hazelnuts.
MBC: Melt chocolate.
Steve: Combine chocolate with condensed milk and then with hazelnut butter.
MBC: Unsuccessfully look for pint jar for storing end result.
Steve: Successfully locate pint jar in baby's room after stern warnings not to wake baby OR ELSE.

It's good.  It's not quite as smooth as Nutella from the store, but it's VERY tasty, especially now that it's sat overnight in the fridge.  I've been eating it with a spoon while Steve's at work, which is going to make Mr. I-Hoard-My-Halloween-Candy-Until-April sad that he married someone who eats her chocolate treats in the car before she even leaves the store parking lot.  We used this recipe and we'll probably make it again, unless I go find the receipts and discover that buying hazelnuts costs as much as buying several jars of Nutella from the store.


Theresa said...

Ha, awesome! I wanted to make this one, but never ended up doing it, and had David buy a jar instead. But, the ingredients in the homemade one seem to be (somewhat) more wholesome... Love the write-up of the process!

Theresa said...

(I eat it by the spoon too... to D's expressed horror...)

MBC said...

Steve just discovered the spoon marks in the 2nd jar. Too bad for him!

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