03 July 2012

O Canada Day

Sunday was Canada Day, so we celebrated in Steve's home town (kind of) with his family on Monday.

The Bairn was not feeling it.  He was a less than enthusiastic Canadian.  Maybe he'll be happier for the 4th of July.  

Would you like to see a very unattractive picture of me?  Okay.  The Bairn most enjoyed eating a banana during the parade.  He least enjoyed the emergency vehicles and their loud horns.

The theme of the parade was the War of 1812.

I gave Steve the camera and told him to take pictures of good things to put on the blog, like curling floats

or pipe bands (there were MANY)

or the best thing in the parade, tiny Shriner cars,

or whatever he found interesting.  He mostly finds tractors interesting.

We had a closer look at them after the parade.

And at this dumpster which I found very motivational.

And at this dancing lobster, which I found to be the best thing I have ever seen.

There was dancing and highland games and bagpipes and carnival rides and lots of food, though, sadly, nothing on a stick and Thinker's Lodge was open to the public (the bagpiping was particularly intense at Thinker's Lodge).

The Bairn and I were so tired that partway through the day we had to retire to Steve's aunt's house for naps.  Must remember to get more sleep before Canada's special day next year.


eliana23 said...

I would get a dumpster for my yard if it had that message on it. Hooray for Bairn's first parade.

SCS said...

Why is every Canadian I know obsessed with the War of 1812?? (of course everyone should be obsessed with tiny cars)

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