04 July 2012

Where We Live in Canada

The Bairn and I had a little spare time after visiting the library and before the farmers market opened, so we took a quick walk around the blocks closest to the library and snapped some photos of our new town.  There are some very beautiful parts of town and some that are not.  I didn't take any photos of the areas that have a sad Town That Died in 1982 feel to them, but I DID take photos of something else that is truly wrong and bad.

Buildings from the Victorian era are so lovely.

I had to take this photo real surreptitious like, because there was a man outside painting the ceiling of the porch.

There are lots of brightly colored houses (some are still residences and some are businesses) with pointy roof lines in town.

Woo, baby, now we come to something I find very unfortunate.  Dutch Elm Disease swept through town and killed a load of trees, so the town commissioned several artists to carve the downed trees into statues of local figures and such.

This one is not so bad.

And this one isn't great, but okay.

But this here bearcat.  No, no, no.

He has skates and a hockey stick (which I thought was an axe).

It's too bad the trees died, but I don't know why they had to torture them after their deaths.*

*I apologize in advance to anyone who just LOVES the statues in town.  I hope someone buys you a chainsaw bear for your birthday.


Rebekah said...

There is a chainsaw bear in someone's front yard here in Plano. If you thought yours was out of place...Ha, ha.

MBC said...

I'm not even sure mine are out of place, which is the sad bit.

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