14 June 2012

Fun Times in CPR Class

We have a parent resource center in town and I extra special love them.  L-U-V.  They operate a toy library and a free swap shop of baby and children's items.  They're breastfeeding friendly, so, for example, if your bairn happens to be having a meltdown in the grocery store parking lot and you drive him as quickly (but safely) as possible to their building, they will give you a comfy, private place to sit and offer you refreshing beverages while your wee one screams the place down to express his displeasure before consenting to eat.  For example.  And they have great programs.  Today I went to day one of my two-day infant/child CPR course.  Which they offer free.  And which they provide childcare for free.  And if your bairn is feeling needy and still wants to eat every two hours his whole life until he's 18, they don't mind if you bring him along to the class.  And there are snacks.

As with all community services, about half the attendees of these kinds of programs are, how shall I say it, not smart different. I was having flashbacks to my public library days during class when the instructor was showing us the new medic alert jewelry.  They now sell very pretty crystal bracelets and dress watches with your medic alert information on them.  My classmates thought it would be better to just tattoo that information right onto your bicep.  Then for sure you won't lose the alert when you go swimming.  And, bonus, nothing is so classy as a Betty Boop tattoo declaring that you both (a) love your mom and (b) have a peanut allergy.  Then Emphysema Woman shared her story of How I Administered Mouth to Beak Resuscitation on My Ex's Budgie, which was countered with How My Ex Administered Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation on My Cat.

Cannot wait for tomorrow's stories.

p.s.  Yesterday was this kid's 4th birthday.  Here's hoping he had a very special day and that he got that pneumatic drill he asked for.


eliana23 said...

I want more CPR stories, it makes me feel like canada is just as awesome as yuma.

Anonymous said...

Good thing for the bird lady had emphysema. I don't want to imagine what a healthy set of lungs would have done to a bird. "Thar she blows" up?


MBC said...

Eliana--How about the story about the woman who had to take her son's step stool away because he kept getting into his father's teeth? Or the couple who are very proud that their child sleeps right through Metallica and Iron Maiden when they blast it?

KWB--She made sure to point out that she used tiny breaths to save him.

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