17 June 2012

Clamming Fun for the Whole Family

Saturday we drove over the mountain for a picnic at the beach with Steve's cousin, girlfriend of cousin, and dog of girlfriend of cousin.

The tide was out, so we left our shoes in the grass and went clamming in the muck.  There are two methods for clamming--stomping the mud and digging when you see a little spurt of water or my preferred method of walking around in the gloop and digging up anything hard and clam-shaped with your toes.

The toe method is very effective.  That's MY beauty of a clam right there.

The Bairn spent the day in the sling.  He's never terribly impressed with nature

but he still thought it was a great day!  (He always looks particularly fat and Fester-like in the carseat.)

We took the clams home and washed them

and steamed them

and cooked them up into a delicious chowder.

1 comment:

Breanne said...

WOW. Talk about fresh.

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