11 June 2012

Summer Projects Have Begun

Steve is so pleased to be reunited with the pressure canner.  They're best friends.  They like to stay up late and braid each other's hair after I stomp off to bed at 8:30 in an attempt to get a full five hours of sleep at night (have not broken the news to my girls' night group that when they come over next week they'll have to party it up without me after 9:00ish as my head explodes at that time if I'm not in bed yet).

Steve's new trick with the pressure canner is to use every bit of a food item in two different canning projects.  A while back he made applesauce and then cooked the apple peels and cores to make apple syrup.  Last week he took all the juice out of rhubarb to make a concentrated juice and then made a conserve (which he calls breakfast chow) from the leftover pulp.

It's a good thing someone in the family was willing to pick up the domestic goddess reins around here while The Bairn and I continue our very busy schedule of sleep deprivation.

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