22 July 2012

Family Reunion

We attended a family reunion yesterday. After stuffing myself full o' potlucked goods (was it a mistake not to take one of those pecan bars for the road--my stomach says yes, but the unattractive pictures of me and my double chin from the event say no), Steve and I walked down to the beach behind the house with his cousin.

There were wild blueberry fields on the way to the beach.  Steve popped berries into his mouth by the handful.

We all wore our name tags.  Even at the beach.  Even at the restaurant on the way home.

The Bairn and I hiked out to the sandbar

for a better view of the water (I believe that look on The Bairn's face indicates his concern about sharks (or maybe the lack of bananas))

but The Bairn's favorite part of the day was playing with the seatbelt in the car afterwards.

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