17 July 2012

MBC's Hierarchy of Needs

You know Maslow's Hierachy of Needs?

I have needs.  And after some consideration, there are only two needs that really assert themselves strongly and repeatedly (as long as I'm being grown up and not counting needs such as The Need to Eat Nuts in All My Foods, which Canada is always trying to oppress me about, and The Need to Have a Library Card and The Need to Pinch People When They Disagree With Me and so on). 

Here's my hierarchy of two, in order of importance:

  1. Sleep--It would appear that The Bairn's sleeping is actually improving (except for last night) but all of my fantasies still revolve around sleep.  And getting The Bairn to sleep is still my primary goal in life.
  2. To Be On Time--I have a very rigid internal clock.  I think it's an atomic clock.  Steve also has an internal timekeeping system.  I think it's an hourglass.  Sometimes this causes friction.  [Note: I asked Steve before posting this if the hourglass comment would hurt his feelings and he said that I can post whatever mean things I want on the blog.  Score.]  However, since sleep for The Bairn is an even higher priority than To Be On Time, we were over an hour late for church on Sunday because he was taking a surprisingly long nap that I was not willing to disturb.  I think Steve is secretly pleased to discover there is a way to make me be both late and not uptight about it.
By the way, this is what The Bairn looks like when he goes to church.  I make him wear very fetching rompers that always cause a grandmother or two to comment that he has the style of a young Prince William.  His rompers are hand-me-downs from a family of 12 in Scotland, so they are legitimately Baby Prince William era items.

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Anonymous said...

Having needs is what makes us survive. Having wants on the other hand gives us something to live for. What is tough sometimes is separating them out as priorities.


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