30 July 2012

Oh, the Places You'll Roll

The Bairn is working on rolling at a competitive level (just in time for the Olympics). He rolls on the floor during play time, he rolls on the bed during diaper changes, he rolls on my lap during church.

Sometimes he accumulates debris during his rolling.

And he often ends up beneath the forbidden drying rack.

Very often.

Although it's equally fun to roll under one's swing and play with the buckles.


Anonymous said...

Looks like our little steam roller is on the move. Get ready to move everything valuable up 3 feet until he walks, the it's up another foot.


Breanne said...

Maybe you should hang baby toys from the drying rack. =)

MBC said...

Papa--I know! We need to babyproof.

Breanne--No, no, we want to DISCOURAGE the drying rack attraction!

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