01 August 2012

What I'm Doing

What I'm Reading
I just finished I'll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan.  It's a teen novel that made me cry a tiny tear down my face, because anything that even casually mentions children without mothers makes me weep on the sidewalk, and two of the main characters in this one are motherless.  It was good.

What I'm Watching
The Olympics.  Obviously.  Because I don't hate the world.  Steve doesn't actually like the Olympics and we didn't see any of the 2010 games, but I forced him to watch part of the opening ceremonies this year, which he found quite interesting because it involved so many familiar people and places and we ended up calling out to the TV and to one another, Look, that's Leuchars over there!  St. Andrews!  We love the Kingdom of Fiiiiife.  (We do love the Kingdom of Fife.)  I've also been attempting to lure him into watching the events by promising him treats when Canada wins gold medals.  I had no idea they would win so few, though, so it's backfiring a bit.  Offering treats when Kazakhstan wins gold would have been more motivating (and we would have 3 treats now instead of 0).

What I'm Listening To
A terrible baby CD.  I really don't care for little children singing on recordings (real life is a different thing), especially if they have lisps that make them sing about 'widdle chi'dwen.'  I think The Bairn and I are going back to our regular listening program of Dar Williams, This American Life, and Roger Whittaker.


Moo said...

Several things:
1. It's unworld patriotic not to watch the Olympics. It's all about the underdogs.

2. The opening ceremonies were not my favorite, though I loved Bond & the queen, and the torch lighting & Beckham looked good.

3. I recommend For Our Children for baby listening. It has famous people singing lullabies, and is not annoying at all, and Little Richard's version of the "Itsy Bitsy spider" is fabulous, though I don't care for Bob Dylan's "This Old Man". In my opinion Bob Dylan should only be allowed to write songs and not sing them.

The End.

Anonymous said...

Don't count on Canada to win any gold medals in summer olympics. If you want treats rely on US or China provided no more Chinese teams get disqualified.
I agree with Moo, Bob D. writes great lyrics, but, his singing is best done in a great and spacious field, alone.


Anonymous said...

If you're in the market, one of my favorite albums from my childhood is this

(wow, that's a long address!)

MBC said...

We just get our baby music from the library or YouTube, so I'll have to see if For Our Children or the Guthrie music is available. Thanks for the suggestions!

KWB--Yep, no gold medals still. I let Steve have a treat anyway, but maybe this system will work better for the winter Olympics.

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