07 August 2012

There Must Always Be Summer Posts About Canning

Marmot Dad's nephew is currently traveling.  He was in Jordan and now he's in Thailand, and I see his updates and photos from his travels on Facebook every day.  About ten years ago, I would have been entirely covetous of his trip and would have longed to go myself, but now I just think, Good for you.  I've done quite enough traveling for a bit, and I'm perfectly happy to spend provincial holidays at home canning 50 lbs of beans and excitedly reading the USDA canning guide.  (Steve, Steve!  Let's make cantaloupe pickles!  (Because we're growing cantaloupes in the garden, don't you know.))

I love, love, love a pantry bursting with delicious home production projects.

Especially when I have such a great helper to assist.


Anonymous said...

He's a handsome helper but, looks like he's full of beans. :)


Katya said...

I came very close to saying "Hey, my brother is in Thailand, too!" and then I remembered who Marmot Dad was. (Have I mentioned that I have a graduate degree? I'm super smart.)

Lady Susan said...

I am super impressed that you are canning massive amounts of summer produce with a young babe. I still can't get my act together to do nearly the amount of canning I would like.

MBC said...

Papa--He's full of beans in so many ways.

Katya--I almost mentioned you in the post to acknowledge that he's your brother, but Marmot Dad has the strongest presence on the blog, what with his wearing of lady pants and all.

Lady Susan--Don't be too impressed. I mostly just snapped beans. It would have been an impossible project without Steve actually do all the real work. I barely get dinner on the table on my own.

lynnell said...

One day you will be the MOTHER of the child who is travelling through Jordan and Thailand. All of the worry and none of the fun.

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