24 September 2012

Headline: Baby Makes Like-Altering Discovery

Last week The Bairn learned to creep and decreased his rolling in favor of this new forward movement.  Today he made an amazing discovery.  Today he realized that when the mommy leaves his sight, he has more options than simply throwing himself on his back and crying.  Today he realized that he can follow the mommy.

While I made pumpkin bread this afternoon, he took himself from the living room into the kitchen (it's open plan; I didn't leave him in a different room)--first stopping to roll his high chair around, lose some spoons under the chest freezer, and pull out the broom--where he crept right up to my feet and parked himself there to grip me by the ankles and wait for me to take him to his nap.  He was so pleased with himself.

I'm afraid that his next realization is going to be I can open these cupboards.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and after the cupboards it will be the drawers, but the true mother lode will be the bottled goodies that Dad has so carefully put away.


MBC said...

Oooh, let's hope he never finds the bottles.

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