26 September 2012

Please Say 'BWAH'

The Bairn got his second tooth today, something I didn't realize until Steve pointed out that The Bairn's cute new trick of sticking his tongue out one side of his mouth is really just a way for him to feel the new tooth and that the reason he refused to sleep anywhere but in our bed last night and that he insists on being attached at all times to my body are also because he's growing teeth. 

So, he's teething and spent most of the day on my hip, which was fine except that I had to call the bank today.  The bank has an automated voice system that takes me to my customer service representative, which is usually fine, but was pretty much rubbish with The Bairn so close to the phone.  Here's how it went today:

Automated Lady: Please say your member number.

The Bairn: BWAHHHHHHH.  Bwub bwub bwub.
MBC: 12 (BWAHHHHHH) 345 (Bwub bwub) 67

Automated Lady: I'm unable to verify your membership.  Which department would you like to speak to?  Say 'banking,' 'insurance' . . .

MBC: Insurance.
The Bairn: Dadadadadadaaaaa
MBC: InSURance.
The Bairn: Ah-BWAH  Ah-BWAH
MBC: Insurance!

Automated Lady: I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that [she really does say that!].  Say 'banking,' 'insurance' . . .

MBC: Insurance!

We did finally get through the menu to an actual human.  He had an easier time understanding me, even with a babbling sidekick.

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Theresa said...

hehee!! :D

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