01 October 2012

I'll Do Most Anything for Free Food

I got a free makeover on Saturday morning.  The woman doing the makeovers was, of course, selling a cosmetics line, but she promised me muffins, so I agreed to attend the event.  There were only two of us being made up and the other woman was VERY enthusiastic about the whole thing.  She talked a lot.  Canadians tend to be chatty, in my experience.

When my makeover was complete, I had extremely dark red lips.  Enthusiasm Woman loved it.  She couldn't get over my lips.  She wanted lips just like mine.  What color lipstick had they given me?  If she saw me in line at the bank, she would definitely notice me, because my beautiful lips and I would stand out.

I did not like the red.

The woman doing the makeover assured me that I looked lovely, even if I was outside my comfort zone.  She just knew that when I got home, my husband was going to see those gorgeous lips and want to give me a big old kiss.  I doubted that very much.

I ran a few errands on the way home.  I took my fancy lips to the farmers' market and the library and the pharmacy.  (Oh, the ease of running errands without a marmoty baby to tote around!)

When I came home, I gave my baby boy a kiss and left red lip marks on his head.

I told Steve that the ladies loved my make up and he told me that I looked, Hmmm, a bit scary.  I wiped off my 4 layers of lip 'product' and then he was very happy to give me that big ol' kiss the makeover woman promised.


Anonymous said...

We Brogan men choose women who need no embellishment.


Theresa said...

I so wish there was a photo! :)

SCS said...

I wore makeup for the first time in a long time on Sunday. We're talking mascara, light brown eyeliner, and very light lip gloss. Tooie said, "whoa! Mommy! You look scary!." M looked up from her chess game and concurred. I guess Smith men like their women plain, too!

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