04 October 2012

For the Grandparents: October

The Bairn
  • is 8-months-old.

  • has become a recreational screamer. Obviously, we would like this phase to end ASAP.

  • loves music.  He sits in his car seat with his ankles crossed listening to Bach.  If we forget to turn it on, he calls out until he can hear it. 

  • His hat may be a bit small.

  • army crawls all over the place.  If I leave the room to put away laundry, he meets me in the hallway, frantically pulling himself along.  He's working on traditional crawling, but he can't quite figure out the correct movement yet.

  • enjoys reading.  Every morning he crawls over to the bookshelf, pulls all the board books down, and lies on his back looking at the book illustrations.  He also has strong opinions about which books we read to him and has no patience for some of the titles I bring home from the library.  I get through two pages before he grabs the book and tosses it to the side.

  • wishes he owned a laptop.  He likes to push the arrow keys and watch Internet pages scroll up and down.  (We're pretty sure he's a genius.)

  • Helping Daddy with the computer.

  • says Mamamama and Dadadadada.  We're not sure if they really mean anything to him, but he does lie in bed with us in the morning and pat Steve while chanting, Dadadada.

  • has two teeth and is working on two more.  This makes him an even worse sleeper than usual.

  • is adorable.

See those teeth?!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He's one handsome young man. We sure love to see pictures and read your stories of him.

Papa and Grammie

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