10 October 2012

Thanksgiving in Baby Pictures

Sunday/Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. 

Sunday was a beautiful day, so we took The Bairn to the park before roasting our turkey.

My parents arrived from the States in the afternoon.
My rolls turned out perfectly.

On Monday we visited The Citadel in Halifax.

The Bairn's jacket was too small.
I had to take him to the car to nurse and play with the buttons and cords in the front seat for a bit, so we missed some of our guided tour.

At lunch, Grandpa introduced The Bairn to french fries.

He's a fan.


eliana23 said...

Visitors! What fun. And the boy continues to be the Most Photogenic Creature around.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys have been busy. The outgrown shirt gives the Bairn a bit of the Hulk look, without the green skin. The Wishing Well makes me remember the many times we took Steve and Meg to the park. The falls in the park are the most beautiful in the winter when the spray has frozen on the trees putting icing on everything.


MBC said...

Eliana--His photogenicness makes up for my lack in that area.

Papa--Busy today too. Took them to the beach!

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