16 September 2012

Introducing Fat Bear

This is my most beloved childhood toy.  His name is Fat Bear and I don't remember a time without him.  Mom tells me that he was a Christmas gift when I was 18 months old.

He's actually a bulldog, but, obviously, I thought he was a bear.  He used to have freckles and a mouth, but my brother and I planned to turn him into an ewok and pulled them off.  (Ewoks don't have freckles.)  He used to have a nose, but it fell off.  It's okay, because now you can stick your finger right inside the hole where his nose USED to be and swing him around in the air.  He likes it.

He's had a good life.  When I was small, I taught him ballet and took him on trips and loved him until his fur rubbed off on his stomach.  Steve is appalled at his condition.  Steve kept his bear on a shelf to keep him clean and loved him with his eyes.  Steve makes the Velveteen Rabbit cry.

Last week Fat Bear met The Bairn.

The Bairn knows a good toy when he sees one.


eliana23 said...

You might want to sew up the nose for Fat Bear's new lease on life. Cole got Love Monkey at about 18 months and they are still tight. It makes my heart happy.

MBC said...

Yes, I was thinking his nose could use some stitching before I toss him in the wash (which he really needs).

Anonymous said...

Actually the Bairn looks a lot like another of your toys, the Mary Beth dolls I made for you and Sarah when you were a year old. They were also bald and round with great big blue eyes. He has a better smile, though.

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