13 September 2012

Food is Delicious Even for the Infirm

My mom told me today that my posts have been quite grouchy lately, and I told her that I have a COLD and there is delicious Sudafed in my cupboard because Scotland still lets you have it without making you promise that you're not cooking up meth in your bathroom but I can't have it because the pharmacist told me that it would hop The Bairn up (via his milk) as it's a stimulant.

Here are a few recipes making me happy even with a cold, though:

No-Stir Granola from America's Test Kitchen via The Frugal Girl--whipped it up super speedy (while feeding The Bairn his sweet potatoes) tonight and it's loooovely.

Slow Cooker Lazy Cabbage Rolls from Simple Bites--ate it for dinner tonight and it's very hearty and nice on a fall day.

Autumn Chopped Salad from Espresso and Cream--we had this two nights this week.  I didn't follow the directions for the dressing (why buy?).  Instead, I made up some of Rachael Ray's maple syrup dressing. Steve says it is the best salad of his life (even on the day when I left out the bacon) and that the dressing is the best part. 


eliana23 said...

You can be grumpy. Going to make your chopped salad, so many thanks. I think your pharmacist is being overly cautious, but that is me.

Loo said...

Thank you so much for the granola recipe. We have made it twice now. The first time it was a bit too toasted, but this last time it came out well. We don't even put in the fruit. We put fruit yogurt on it and eat it for breakfast (or lunch snack or midnight snack or any other meal we don't feel like cooking). It's a new family favorite.

My two-year old likes to help cook, so I let him dump things in and stir things up. This is a great recipe for him to help with.

Moo's sister

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