11 September 2012


I have grievances against the social media which must be shared so that everyone can stop misusing technology and giving me a headache on top of my existing from-a-cold headache.


I love Pinterest and I think it's a grand idea, but I'm tired of the same 12 recipes for chicken breasts showing up on my feed and I'm even more tired of the SUPER EXCITED!! descriptions of the MOST AMAZING recipe you will eeeeever find for chicken covered in a creamed soup!  Another pinner said that this chicken is the best chicken that anyone who has eaten chicken has ever tasted because chicken is soooo good.  It's so simple!!!!  Who knew?!

It bugs me.

Also, blogs I used to enjoy reading that now appear to be written in order for each of their posts to be pinnable.  Booo.


Well before the election, I had to hide the feed of one of Steve's friends.  The political bashing was too much and, particularly since I disagreed with all of his links/thoughts on American politics, I was extremely agitated every time I saw a post from him.

Facebook is a bad place to discuss religion and politics.  Much as it's touted for being a great communication tool, it's a terrible tool for discussion among 300 people.  How persuasive an argument (or counter-argument) can you write in a comment?  Or in a Facebook-sized post?  Why do I want to have a discussion in public with you AND everyone you know about something I hold dear?  Many of my Facebook 'friends' are actually family friends of Steve.  I'm happy to be friends with them, because I know I'll meet them someday and they want to see pictures of our baby, but I don't care what they think about my politics.  And another segment of my 'friends' are people I don't know well--well enough to want to know when they have a child, but not well enough to chat with them about religion.

I wonder about the motives behind certain posts.  When someone posts a harsh (and biased) media statement about a politician, is that to receive validation from like-minded friends?  Or to persuade friends with opposing views to come around to a new way of thinking?  Or to encourage me to hide that feed?

I love discovering a link to an excellent article and I adore photos of new babies.  I'm glad to keep up-to-date with a wide variety of people in my life, but I'm not at all interested in the vitriolic views of mere acquaintances.

Maybe I'm just really grouchy lately.  The way Steve turned on the water in the bathroom sink almost sent me over the edge the other night, so it could be one of two things--too many people on social networks are idiots or I'm super sensitive.


CSIowa said...

Idiots and sensitivity are not mutually exclusive. Just saying.

I hope you get over your cold soon! I am waiting for the end of allergy season myself.

Anonymous said...

I liked Pinterest until the Best Artichoke Dip EVER! gave me a virus. I'm much more cautious now.


MBC said...


E.--Oh, no! Another grievance against Pinterest.

SCS said...

Someone needs some calms tablets . . .

MBC said...

You mean Kalms tablets? Here's what I need: sudafed, but the pharmacist said I can only take it if I want to be a terrible mother.

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