24 October 2012

No Wonder My Chin is Doubling

I made another pie this week.

I know.

It was an emergency.
A couple of weeks ago, I saw an ad for free citrons on Kijiji.  I wasn't entirely sure what citrons were, but the ad said they were good for marmalade, and Steve and I were pretty sure citrons were in mixed peel, so Steve took The Bairn away on a little field trip one day to pick them up in another town.

This is a citron.  It's not what we expected.  It looks like a watermelon on the outside and it's about the size of a pie pumpkin.

Steve brought home 10 of them.

Some online research revealed that they're also known as pie melons and that they're popular in Australia.

It seemed wrong not to make a pie with pie melon, especially after they sat in my car for two weeks and we weren't sure how long they would keep.

Fortunately, we're friends with the proprietress of the Pie of the Month Club, who recommended this recipe (scroll down) for a watermelon rind pie.

You chop and boil the citron and then mix it with sugar, flour, raisins, pecans, vinegar, and, um, some other junk.  Spices.  It does not look (or sound) like it will be good when you pour it into the pie plate.

But then it is.  It's really good.

It only used up half a citron, though.  Oh, dear.

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