31 October 2012

Morning at Our House

When The Bairn wakes up too early for me in the morning (MOST mornings), he and Steve go out into the living room and have Good Boy Times while I stay in bed.  This morning about 8:00, Steve peeked into the dark bedroom to see if I was awake. 

Steve: It's probably about time to get up.

MBC: Nooooo.  I'm tired.  I'm staying in this bed forever.

Steve:  I made a delicious breakfast to help you get up.

MBC: What kind of delicious breakfast?  (Sometimes the delicious breakfast is a delicious MAN breakfast full of meats.)

Steve: Buttermilk waffles. (my FAVORITE!)

MBC: Let's go.

As I was getting up, I heard Steve in the hallway saying to The Bairn, "She says she'll come out," as if they'd been conferring earlier about whether or not I was really going to join them today.


Katya said...

Thank you for the post card! (And Kelly's name is, indeed, Kelly, so you got that right. :) )

Breanne said...


MBC said...

Katya--Glad you got it (and that the name was right)!

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