01 November 2012

Obligatory Halloween Post

A friend gave The Bairn these Halloween slippers, so I stuffed his fat little feet into them for all of our shopping trips this week.  The day we went to the grocery store (we still use it sometimes), he was in particularly fine form and sat up in his shopping cart, waving to the other shoppers and chuckling (in the manner of Santa Claus in the Christmas parade). 

The elderly ladies couldn't get enough of him.  They came over to inspect his slippers and to tell me what a jolly fellow he is.  One woman kept saying to me, "He's waving at me.  Isn't he some social?  He's waving."
In the evening, we popped Mr. Social into bed and made apple dumplings.  Steve had never had them before and expected some kind of cobbler when I first told him about them and offered to make him some.  Three years later, promised fulfilled.  They were delicious.  Recipe from Cook's Country here

1 comment:

Lady Susan said...

Those cheeks look absolutely delicious. *nom nom*. And so does the apple dumplings. ;)

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